Check Out These New Releases by your Florida Sisters!

hardcoverstack_621x739 copyFew things top the charts as much as a new release! We have several new releases this spring so what better way to showcase them then right here on the NEWS page? Check them out, enjoy them and then review them! Remember we aren’t sisters like Mary and Edith are sisters but Sisters in Crime sisters–more like Lucy and Ethel!–with vast knowledge of weaponry and MO…so support your sisters and write a review!

Kait Carson has a new Hayden Kent Mystery–Death by Sunken Treasure— that released this month from Henery Press. This is Book 2 in the series so you’ll definitely want to grab up Book 1–Death by Blue Water.



Susan Santangelo’s popular Jim and Carol Andrews Baby Boomer Mystery series is available right now. Number 8 is locked and loaded! Oh the surprises come fast and furious with Second Honeymoons Can Be Murder–but you’d know that if you’re familiar with this popular best-selling series. Available at Amazon for your Kindle and also in paperback.

Susan Kiernan-Lewis has also just released a book–Book 8 in her hardbackstandingstraight_890x1110-6 copy 3

popular Maggie Newberry Mystery Series. Murder in the Abbey is a change of pace from France and the vineyard just in time for all of us already suffering from Downton Abbey withdrawal. Available at Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and  iTunes!


You’ll also want to check out the latest hot read from Rainy Kirkland in her Florida Heat series. Street Stalker follows on the heels of
hardbackstandingstraight_890x1110-3 copy 5Deadly Revenge which came after the pilot book in the series, Florida Heat. Available at Amazon. Pick it up now and you’re welcome in advance!


hardbackstandingstraight_890x1110-3 copy 10
And if you’re in the mood to lock the doors, turn off the lights and scare the $#!@!# out of yourself, you’ll want to reach for FlSinC Member and Past-President Kathy Bain’s latest thrill fest. Small Town Terror is a recent release with an average of 4.8 stars! Find it now at Amazon.

If I forgot anyone, well, there’s your nudge to reach out and let your Sister Webmaven know what’s going on with you!

It’s not too late! Shoot me an email and I’ll add you to this page.

Meanwhile, happy reading everyone!


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