Identity Crisis? PR puzzle?

This month’s blog post is written by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Every time I go out into the world to represent Florida Sisters in Crime—complete with banners, signs, bookmarks and brochures—I’m always shocked at how most people who approach my booth at whatever book festival or writing venue I’m at have never heard of Sisters in Crime.IMG_0314

“Can I join? I’m not a writer. Does that matter?”

Florida Sisters in Crime is a chapter of the national organization that was created to support the professional advancement of women crime writers, women mystery writers and women thriller writers.

That said, our membership is open to anyone interested or connected to the love of mysteries and crime writing be that publicists, publishers, librarians, police officers or just readers!

Furthermore, while we are an organization that was created to fill the gap left by mystery writing organizations that were led and largely populated by men (specifically Mystery Writers of America), our door is also open to men! And to redheads! And to left handed people everywhere! In fact, to anybody and anyone who loves a good mystery and wants to know the behind-the scenes details!

Our monthly speakers, our agendas, our workshops and our meetings are all created with that goal in mind. If you’re not a writer but you think what we do sounds like something that would interest you, you do not have to become a writer to join us and you are always welcome.

If you want a club that is more than just a women’s crime writer’s club, you can find fellowship, good books, and lively discussions with us every month.

If you’re looking to write mysteries, this is a good place for you to be!

But if you’re looking to craft your very first novel, there are better places for you to go. As much as our club is focused on supporting women professional mystery and crime writers, we are not strictly a writer’s organization. We don’t teach it, we don’t have a newbie workshop tract. (Although we do have amazingly generous members who are willing to mentor beginning writers because…after all…sisters.)

While it’s true it’s probably not possible for one club to be all things to all people I feel like we have so many different skillsets, backgrounds and viewpoints in our Florida Sisters in Crime member base that our club has become a diverse, growing and complex group of women (yes, yes, and men too) and one that can provide many different things for its members.

If you can handle that, pay your $20 and take your seat!


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