Calendar – JANUARY 2018

We have an exciting year planned for speakers and workshops in 2018! And, we’re going to have a new website and all, too!! Stay tuned for these wonderful upgrades.

Join us on January 6 when retired NCIS agent Jeff Walton visits to share his experiences. Program starts at 10:15, so come at 10, get a cup of coffee and learn things! NQ

Walton Portrait with suit 1

Jeff Walton

Spy vs. counterspy and the world of national security – separating fact from fiction.  Who are the real players on the national security scene and how do they operate? What are the facts about national security and counterintelligence that every American should be aware of?

 Jeff Walton, a thirty year veteran of NCIS, will give you an inside look at his former agency, the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and the world of counterintelligence. He’ll share his insights from more than three decades of fighting crime and catching spies and terrorists around the world.  You’ll also hear about cases and operations rarely discussed in public.

 Author of Final Departure: Death is never on time, Walton used his investigative and analytic skills to craft a Christian fiction drama that addresses the age-old question – is the Bible true?  The novel, a multiple award winner,  is packed with factual information that includes vignettes of actual NCIS investigations and operations.


 Jeff Walton, a US Navy Vietnam Veteran and retired NCIS Special Agent, spent nearly 30 years in NCIS assignments in the United States, the Far East, and Europe.  His career spanned from general criminal felony investigations as a street special agent to senior management positions in the field, at NCIS Headquarters and in interagency assignments at the Pentagon, the National Counterintelligence Center and the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive. Walton retired from active service in 2010. He and his wife reside in St. Augustine, FL.


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