Check this page periodically for recommendations from your fellow Sister members on everything from editors, cover designers, agents looking for new clients and publicists. And we are actively seeking testimonials so please send yours to Susan Kiernan-Lewis.

NOTE: None of the recommendations found here are made by people who provide the services recommended. These are not ads. They are testimonials from your fellow Sisters in Crime members hoping to make your writing life a little easier.



Writer’s Guide to Government Information

The Blood-Red Pencil

The Writer’s Forensics Blog

 The Florida Writers Association

Killer Nashville Blog

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 9.00.08 AM (2)Killer Nashville has a very useful website chocked full of wisdom from successful authors on a host of topics. Author Philip Cioffari blogs on how to add depth to your story which he used in writing his latest novel Dark Road, Dead End.

Clay Stafford, the founder of Killer Nashville, reminds everyone that if you have a topic for his blog, he’s very open to hearing from you. With over 24,000 monthly visits to his website—over 300,000 readers via social media and a potential outreach of over 22 million per press release, he’s keen to partner with interested authors to get your message out. You can contact him at


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